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2013 Jessamine Open Results

24 February

Jessamine OpenCongratulations to all the skaters who competed in the 2013 Jessamine Open.

Results are as follows:

Abby Edwards (Plex LTS)Showcase Duet-1st
Ainsley GossettSpin Event Preliminary-1st, Jump Event Preliminary 1st, Pre-Preliminary-1st
Becca ZeiglerArtistic FS 1-6-1st, FS 4-3rd
Berkley DerrickFS 3-1st
Cassedy LenaFS 4 Compulsory-1st, FS 4-1st
Chloe LeeBS 6 Compulsory-1st, BS 6 program-1st
Elizabeth LeeShowcase FS1-6 1st
Elizabeth WoodsFS 1-1st
Emma McInnesFS 6 Compulsory-1st, FS6-1st
Erica LondonBS 8 Compulsory-2nd, Basic 8-2nd
Greta GuyetteShowcase Duet-1st, Spin Event-1st, FS 4-1st
Hannah BoyleFS 2 Compulsory-1st
Jivana Kuhanandha (Plex LTS)Basic 4 FS-1st
Kelly O'NeillFS 3-2nd
Lexi MillerFS 3-1st
Lindsy KnottFS 4-4th
Madalyn HairShowcase Dramatic-1st, Jump Event Preliminary-1st, FS Preliminary 2nd
Madison LondonFS1 Compulsory-1st, FS 1-2nd
Mary Ellen ArcherAdult Pre-Bronze-1st
Michele TurnerAdult Bronze-2nd
Molly HodgkissArtistic FS 1-6-2nd, FS 2-1st
Rebecca AmblerPreliminary Compulsory-1st, Pre-Preliminary FS-3rd
Sara AlmassriFS 3 Compulsory-1st, FS 3-1st
Sarah Evelyn Blanks (Plex LTS)Showcase Duet-1st
Sierra ClarkPreliminary Compulsory-2nd, Artistic Preliminary-1st, Preliminary FS-1st
Sophie ClothiauxSpin Event-1st, Pre-Preliminary FS-2nd
Stephanie GroseFS 1-1st
Tamara GroseShowcase Duet-1st, Spin Event-2nd, FS 4-2nd
Yumi NarukePre-Preliminary FS-1st