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2013 John Unger ISI

10 April


Congratulations to our skaters who participated in the 2013 Robert Unger ISI Team Competition! The PSC team received a trophy for the highest placement percentage for a team, and we came in 10th overall.  Here are the individual results:

1st place

Madalyn Hair – FS 6 Artistic
Sierra Clark – FS 4 Artistic
Madalyn Hair & Sierra Clark – High Jump & Spin
Mary Ellen Archer – FS 2 Solo
Sierra Clark – Open Silver Solo
Sierra Clark – FS 4 Ribbon
Madalyn Hair  – Dramatic Spotlight FS 6
Madalyn Hair & Sierra Clark – Couples Lt. Ent. Spotlight High

2nd Place

Madalyn  Hair – FS 6 Solo
Berkley Derrick – FS 3 Solo

3rd Place

Michele Turner – Adult FS 4 Solo
Madalyn Hair – FS 6 Ribbon

4th Place

Berkley Derrick – FS3 Stroking

Group Jump & Spin College Grannies