PSC Membership

Palmetto Skate Club MembershipPSC membership runs from July 1 to June 30 and includes USFS membership.  Membership in our club allows you to participate in USFS competitions, shows or exhibitions, and Testing. Members can purchase the black club jacket with our logo on the back. Fees are not pro-rated. Join the Palmetto Skate Club today!

Application to our club is made exclusively through EntryEeze.

New Member Application Instructions

1.  Click here.USFS-horizcolorSmall
2.  Click on ‘Apply for membership‘ under new members.

Memberships expire on July 1st every year. Skaters need a current USFS membership to do any competitions or testing, so renew on time to avoid any event registration problems.

Application Renewal Instructions

1. Click here.
2. Click on ‘Access My Account’ under Existing Members.
3. Login with the Email address and Password you used last year
4. Complete your membership.

USFS rules requires that ‘Junior’ members have a parent/guardian join.   Learn to Skate parents are not required to join, but are welcome.




USFS Conflict Management Document