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Athlete’s Arena Adds a Second Skater Strength & Conditioning Class

21 August

photodune-5097943-dumbbell-and-towel-xsAthlete’s Arena is a sports performance training business located inside Plex Indoor Sports and Ice. They offer sports specific individual and group classes for those interested in improved performance.

Currently they offer a class for figure skaters approximately 10yrs of age and up on Monday nights at 6:15 pm. Now, in addition to the Monday Strength and Conditioning Class at 6:15pm, Athlete’s Arena is offering an additional class for skaters on¬† Wednesdays at 6:15!

One Class a week for $60.00/month
Two Classes a week for $100/month

* Once a week participants do have the option to come to either class. Fees are paid directly to Athlete’s Arena.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Josh directly at:

Joshua Ortegon, CSCS
NSCA State Director
Mobile: 803-446-3058
Office: 803-750-9036