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Care for your Skates

05 March

You finally broke down and bought a pair of skates, now what?!

sno-sealOne of the most important things you need to do is “sno-seal” your skates.  If you look closely at your skates, you’ll notice that not only is the boot leather, but the soles are made of leather, too. Sno-seal soaks deep into the leather to prevent water from penetrating and damaging your skates. Sno-seal also lubricates and conditions the leather without softening it, allowing it to maintain flexibility at below 0 temperatures and preventing cracks during continual flexing of leather.

Even after sno-sealing your skates, they should still be dried thoroughly after skating. Soakers should be used on the blades to soak up any additional condensation that might accumulate after putting the skates away. Soakers should be removed when you get home from practice to prevent holding the moisture against the blades, and guards should be placed on the blades for protection.

Skates should never be worn off ice without guards! Guards protect your blades from damage that dirt and debris on the ground might cause.

Do you have questions about how to take care of your skates?  Let us know.