Club Rules

Rules for Public and Freestyle:

1. Freestyle Ice Stickers
– The Plex will no longer be accepting stickers without an expiration date.

2. Public Ice Reminder
– Please be aware that there are often inexperienced skaters on public ice. Please be careful when doing advanced jumps and spins. Please also use your best judgment when deciding what spins to do (Example: A camel spin might be okay on public ice where there are only 5 skaters on the ice total but a camel spin is not a good idea when there are 20). Again this is just for public ice.

3. Right of Way on the Ice for freestyle.
– Please remember the following order of the right of way.
a. Harness
b. Skaters in a lesson doing their program
c. Skaters in a lesson NOT doing their program
d. Skaters doing their program WITHOUT a coach
e. All other skaters