Rules for Skaters and Coaches during Public Sessions:

  • Coaches may teach Moves in the Field/Freestyle during Public Sessions, giving the public the right of way.
  • All Figure Skating/Hockey levels can be taught during Public Sessions. (Coaches must make sure their skaters follow the rules to make it a safe environment for all who attend the sessions).
  • Spirals/Camel Spins/Illusions – Anything with leg in the air can only be done during a supervised lesson and only on light public sessions.  All Spins must be in the center of ice.
  • Skaters and their coach must understand that public has right of way.
  • Skaters are responsible to ensure the safety of themselves and other skaters while practicing freestyle/moves on public.
  • Skating Director and Plex management will be observing to ensure that these guidelines are followed.