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PSC Skaters Pass Test!

16 August
PSC Skaters Pass USFS Tests

Congratulations to the following PSC skaters for passing their tests. Great job!

Cunningham, Evie -Preliminary MIF and Preliminary free skate

Cunningham, Kamryn- Pre-pre moves in the field and Pre-pre free-skate

Beales-Salovitch, Rylan – Preliminary MIF and Preliminary free skate

Luciano Chen- Pre-juvenile Free skate (Passed with Honors) and Intermediate MIF

Wheeler, Lisa-  Adult Pre bronze MIF and Free skate

McNicoll, Catherine-  Adult bronze Free skate

Robinson, Erica-  Pre-pre moves MIF

Chen, Sophie- Pre juvenile MIF

Ji, Lauren-Intermediate MIF

Hernandez, Antonia-Intermediate moves in the field

Suarez, Stephanie- Adult Pre-bronze MIF

Shtyrkov, Evan-Pre-Pre MIF

Foster, Katherine- Pre-pre MIF and pre-pre free-skate

Grant, Adel- Pre-preliminary free skate