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PSC Skaters Pass USFS Tests

05 March

PSC Skaters Pass USFS Tests

The following skaters passed their USFS tests last Sunday:

Debbie Allen skaters

Sasha Bocot – Pre-Preliminary MIF & Preliminary MIF

Sara Almassari – Preliminary MIF

Leigh Anderson – Pre-Juvenile MIF

Ainsley Gossett – Intermediate MIF

Madalyn Hair – Pre-Juvenile Freeskate & Juvenile Freeskate

Michele Turner – Silver Freeskate


Libby Chabot skaters

Aryn Driggers – Pre-Juvenile Freeskate & Juvenile Freeskate


Ann O’Neill skaters

Becca Zeigler – Pre-Preliminary Freeskate


Gary Shortland skaters

Michele Turner – Bronze level: Swing Dance, Cha Cha Dance & Fiest Tango Dance

Renee Lacy – Pre-Bronze Free Dance


If you see these skaters around the rink, be sure to congratulate them on a successful test!