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Skater Spotlight: Gabriella

09 December

Say Hello to Gabriella, the Palmetto Skate Club’s first skater spotlight! Gabriella wanted to skate since the age of 9. When her family moved to Alaska, Gabriella’s mother let her start skating as a way to help her “embrace the cold.”

Scoliosis has proven to be Gabriella’s biggest challenge in skating; she’s worked through pain and struggled to maintain a center of balance. However, Gabriella has been a resilient skater. She has completed her Novice MITF and Pre-Juvenile freeskate. She is currently working on her bronze dances and hopes to pass as many gold tests as possible.

Outside of skating, Gabriella is a scholar. She will graduate at the age of 16 and has already been accepted to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Below are some more facts about Gabriella. Congratulations!

Favorite skating element: Twizzles

Favorite food: all things Mexican

Favorite (non-skating) hobby: “Babysitting; I love kids and in New York (the last place I lived) I had a weekly toddler time where the neighborhood toddlers would come to me so that their moms could go to military spouse meetings. All I really want to do when I am “all grown up” is be a mom of a big family, so it is great practice”.

Fun fact: “I have moved 14 times; lived in 11 houses and 9 different cities – one of which was in a foriegn country (Germany).”