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Skater Spotlight: Victoria

12 January

This weeks skater spotlight is Victoria!

Victoria competes at the Juvenile level and has tested up to Novice Moves in the Field. She started skating because she wanted to spend more time with her best friend who was a figure skater; although Victoria’s friend stopped skating, Victoria still loves the sport and is thankful that her friend introduced her to skating. Victoria’s biggest challenge in skating has been the fact that she started testing at an older age, yet she still hopes to someday achieve the status of Double Gold Medalist! Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavors Victoria!

Read below for some more facts about Victoria.

Favorite skating elements: double loops and layback spins.

Favorite food: “it’s a tie between broccoli and salmon.”

Favorite (non-skating) hobby: “Outside of iceskating, I love to weigh lift and take my dog on walks.”

Fun fact about yourself: “I would love to own my own dermatology practice after medical school!”