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Waterproof Your Skates

22 August

Skate careSkates are a big investment, and waterproofing them properly, and regularly, is one way to protect that investment. Did you know that most new skates are not ready-to-go right out of the box? Riedell recommends the following process for waterproofing your skates:

  1. Make sure the soles of your skates are clean and dry.
  2. Warm the skates with a hair dryer, then rub  Sno Seal® all over them. Make sure to include the bottom of the soles, and apply as much as the leather will absorb.
  3. Remove excess Sno Seal® with a cloth.
  4. Perform these steps 3-5 times on your new skates, letting the soles cool in between applications.
  5. After two weeks, apply Sno Seal® again using the same method. After that, you should repeat the process about once a month.

Keeping your skates waterproofed will not only help them last longer, but will prevent them from rotting which can cause the blades to  become unstable, and possibly dangerous.